Our History of Sales Performance

After working for two medical manufacturer-distributors, Barry Petrigala had developed marketing programs for private label and brand-name medical product lines... trained salespeople on effective sales techniques and product features... managed product launches, advertising campaigns and more.

In fact, “more” was what he wanted: the ability to call the shots for his own business. So in late 1978, Barry began working from a second-story office with a frosted-glass wooden door that looked as though it belonged in a Sam Spade movie, with heavy wooden furniture of about the same 1930s vintage.

A Successful Healthcare Business is Created

His furniture may have been old-fashioned at first – but Barry’s results were not. His firm initially represented three product lines. In the next dozen years, the company generated a seven-fold increase in sales, built Canadian sales from $0 to about 10% of overall business, and expanded representation from four to 13 Midwestern states.  

On to Newer Markets

In addition, Barry and his sales team proved their ability to help manufacturers enter new markets. For example, they developed sales in the chiropractic and industrial medical markets for an all-natural air freshener previously sold only to hospitals, home care dealers and physician clinics. Overall Midwest sales for the product rose 50% in four years.

Today, Healthstar Associates is headquartered in Park Ridge, Illinois, with two direct and three independent sales associates in the Midwest. While Healthstar’s offices are much more modern, what has not changed is the firm’s commitment to excellence and sales performance.